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  5. Samsung unveils successor to the RAZR range

Samsung unveils successor to the RAZR range

Samsung has unveiled a mid-price handset for the South Korean market with the sharp looks of its RAZR range of mobile phones and a clamshell form factor.

The Moto V10 is home to a two megapixel camera and is expected to hit stores in Samsung’s home territory in a few weeks time, Unwired View reports.

Other features of the V10 include a music player, Bluetooth support and a memory card slot to expand the phone’s storage space.

Samsung has yet to confirm whether the phone will get a UK release, but evidence that demand for mid-range handsets is on the increase suggests that there could be a strong market for it.

News of the imminent launch comes as Samsung is gearing up for the launch of the Samsung Xplorer B2100 rugged phone which features a rubber construction that keeps it waterproof and dust-resistant.

Samsung is currently enjoying strong sales with the Tocco phone and its follow-up Ultra edition, which is available now on 3.

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