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Samsung Bigfoot due imminently?

Samsung Bigfoot due imminently?

The Samsung Bigfoot could be due for release in the UK as early as this summer, rumours suggest.

According to technology site Boy Genius, the Android-powered mobile phone is due to appear on T-Mobile USA ‘very soon’.

The imminent appearance of the phone in the US suggests that a UK release for the Bigfoot, which is home to an impressively powerful 528MHz processor, will follow shortly after.

T-Mobile already offers one Android-powered handset in the form of the touchscreen-operated T-Mobile G1.

Since its launch in November last year, the G1 has sold over one million units and the spectacular success of the device has prompted a raft of manufacturers and networks to announce plans for phones employing Google’s operating system.

Vodafone has already launched a rival device, the HTC Magic, which is believed to have enjoyed similarly strong demand.

Meanwhile, new Android powered mobile phones are also on the way from Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

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