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Samsung mobile phone app store opens

Samsung mobile phone app store opens

The Samsung mobile phone application store has opened for business for UK consumers, as the South Korean company becomes the latest mobile industry player to join the app gold rush.

Around 300 paid-for and free apps are available for download from the Application Store, which will initially be accessible only to owners of the Samsung Omnia HDi8910. Samsung forecasts that the number of apps will rise to around 2,000 by the end of the year.

Among the software on offer now, however, are social networking apps as well as organisation tools and games.

Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Centre, said: “With the launch of the Application Store, Samsung will increase mobile phone sales and add value for its mobile customers through the availability of carefully selected applications.

The Application Store will expand the service channel, not only on handheld devices but also on PCs through the launch of new PC software. The software will allow customers to download applications and manage them on a PC to maximize service usability.”

In order to begin downloading apps, Samsung Omnia i8910 are required to first download an update for their mobile phone.

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