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Samsung 'bada' prototype revealed

Samsung 'bada' prototype revealed

In order to compete with iPhone and Android handsets, Korean manufacturer Samsung announced the release of its own open-source mobile platform, tentatively titled 'bada'.

Since the announcement of the platform last week, there has been widespread speculation as to the exact capabilities and specifications of the platform.

What is known for sure is that consumers will be able to purchase bada handsets in 2010 and that it will be a direct replacement for the Symbian smartphones currently sold by Samsung.

A touchscreen interface is also tipped to be integral to the operation and indeed the success of the bada range, though there is no real detail in this area as yet.

The image of the new handset, which it is claimed will be one of the first bada phones, has also been the cause of some debate.

Whilst it clearly shows a large touch screen device with the Samsung logo and standard slab-like smartphone design, the lack of a verified source for the image is seen by some to suggest that it is the work of an over-zealous fan with a copy of Photoshop.

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