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Samsung i8910HD remixed

Samsung i8910HD remixed

Samsung has given the i8910HD a high-end remix, replacing the understated looks of the original in favour of an altogether more spangly look.

Instead of the all black exterior of the original media-optimised mobile, the revamped edition features gold accents and accordingly has been re-titled the i8910HD Gold.

Features of the new edition are largely unchanged, except that it will come with 16GB of onboard memory as standard.

Currently, Samsung has no plans to grant the phone a UK release. However, it will be available in Germany, the Middle East and Singapore.

Samsung’s i8910 HD was one of the year’s best received mobiles, scoring highly with the tech community for its HD video recording capabilities and impressive eight megapixel camera with face and smile detection and dynamic range adjustment.

Other standout functions of the cameraphone include an email document viewer with support for all key Microsoft Office package, a 3.7-inch touchscreen display and an onboard media player.

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