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Samsung on track to surpass sales projections

Samsung on track to surpass sales projections

In 2009 Samsung had set a mobile phones sales target of 200 million units and according to official sources it is likely to exceed this prediction by a considerable margin.

A fifth of all mobile phones that the South Korean firm produced this year will have utilised touchscreen technology, although Samsung is staying tight-lipped about any further targets for sales.

Samsung is set to retain its position as the second largest mobile manufacturer in terms of market share, with Nokia still ahead. The sales boost has allowed it to widen the gap between third placed LG.

Samsung has allegedly shifted 50 million touchscreen mobiles already in 2009, whilst by the same point in 2008 a total of ten million touch screenphones had been sold, indicating the level of growth in the current market.

A spokesperson for Samsung stated that it was the combination of advanced multimedia functions and the clean, sleek aesthetics that touchscreen interfaces allowed that were driving the quick uptake of handsets sporting the technology.

It was also revealed that over 45 per cent of all smartphones were equipped with touchscreens by November 2009.

The European market is currently the most accepting of touchscreen mobile phones, with over 19 million units sold by Samsung this year. The US, China and South Korea make up the next three largest markets.

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