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Samsung shows off Bada to UK media

Samsung shows off Bada to UK media

Journalists in London have been given a sneak preview of the upcoming Bada mobile operating system from Samsung, along with the Software Development Kit (SDK) that will allow third-party companies to create apps for future Bada phones.

Samsung believes that Bada will have universal popularity thanks to its rich feature set and user-friendly controls.

The Bada interface is based on the existing TouchWIZ software used on many of its current line-up of smartphones. Additions to the Bada platform will include compatibility with Flash, motion-sensitive controls and face detection built into its operation.

Context sensitive applications and interactive features are going to be integral to Bada and Samsung hopes that developers will be able to make use of the advanced interface to improve the intuitiveness of the user experience.

On top of the standard functions, Bada smartphones will come with a whole range of built in social networking applications.

A Samsung executive told the expectant audience that Bada will help to propel Samsung to the top of the smartphone pile, making it a global power within the industry.

He also made clear Samsung's aim of rivalling the popularity and potency of the iPhone App Store and outlined plans to encourage thousands of small developers to take advantage of the Bada platform and sell their wares to millions of Samsung smartphone users in the future.

Support for Bada is already growing, with leading games developers, including Capcom, Electronic Arts and Gameloft, announcing a partnership with the platform.

Bada phones could also be the first true mobile home of the moving image, with Blockbuster throwing in its lot with the platform to offer movie rentals direct to mobile phones.

Experts are impressed with the drive and ambition behind the Bada platform, but it is believed that Samsung will really need to deliver on its promises in order to draw attention away from Google Android.

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