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MWC 2010: Samsung Wave to take on iPhone

MWC 2010: Samsung Wave to take on iPhone

The Samsung Wave has had its official unveiling at the Mobile World Conference 2010, with specs that suggest that it could be more than a match for the iPhone 3G S.

With a 3.3-inch screen using touch sensitive AMOLED technology, a five megapixel camera, a host of connectivity options and a powerful processor, the Wave stacks up nicely against the current competition.

Samsung has said that the screen will be coated in an anti-smudge layer and the camera can capture high definition video in 720p, much like the Sony Ericsson Vivaz.

On top of the Bada operating system, Samsung has added its TouchWIZ 3D interface and according to sources this will be centred around social networking in a similar way to Motorola's MotoBLUR.

The Samsung Wave is obviously a capable device from a hardware point of view, but the line between mainstream success and relative obscurity is drawn based upon whether Samsung is able to sell its Bada platform to independent app developers.

Samsung has said that the Wave will be available online and in store from some point in April 2010.

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