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Samsung predicts huge sales for Wave

Samsung predicts huge sales for Wave

The Samsung Wave is being touted as one of the handset hits of this year by its manufacturer, with forecasts claiming that it will be owned by 10 million consumers by the end of 2010.

When the Wave arrives in the UK in April, it will have quite a long way to go to reach that magic target figure in a relatively short amount of time.

Samsung has also announced that it hopes to bring one thousand apps to the Bada app download service by the year's end, which will bring it to the same level as marketplaces for Palm's webOS and Windows Mobile.

In a statement made to Total Telecom, Samsung's mobile Vice President Justin Hong said: "Bada is very important to Samsung but we're pursuing a multi-platform strategy.

"We are the number two handset developer globally and we have to provide different handsets in different markets, for different market segments."

With Samsung also committing itself to launching several Android-based smartphones this year, there are some who fear that the Korean giant is flooding the market with choice and that this will eat into sales of individual handsets.

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