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Samsung app store expands rapidly

Samsung app store expands rapidly

In order to keep the new Samsung Wave competitive, its manufacturer has increased the size of its application download service by a factor of three.

The Bada operating system (OS) that powers the Wave is a proprietary platform developed in-house by Samsung and in order to get this off the ground it has had to make it competitive in a market dominated by platforms such as the iPhone OS and Google's Android that have succeeded because of well-stocked app stores.

"Launching the application store has enabled Samsung to increase smartphone sales, while at the same time add value for our existing customer base," said Samsung's Kanghyun Kwon in a statement.

"In the future, we will continue to offer apps perfectly optimized for our smartphones and introduce new devices to fit all lifestyles." Mr Kwon explained.

Even if the Samsung app store has grown as much as the firm is claiming, it is still a long way off meeting the iPhone's App Store, which has several hundred thousand apps on-board and a user base that is tens of millions strong.

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