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  5. Samsung rounds on Apple's iPhone 4 display

Samsung rounds on Apple's iPhone 4 display

Samsung rounds on Apple's iPhone 4 display

Samsung has slammed Apple's pronouncement that the iPhone 4's super high density Retina Display trumps any other screen technology.

The energy consumption of a Samsung Super AMOLED display is 30 per cent lower than the equivalent Retina Display, the South Korean firm claims.

Samsung's AMOLED technology is fundamentally more efficient than other display types because the individual pixels generate light themselves rather than requiring a separate backlight.

"You can't make an OLED display with this type of resolution right now. Retina display is going to set the standard for displays for the next several years. We don't think anybody's going to come close," said Mr Jobs during the launch, debunking the idea that AMOLED can match the Retina Display for visual fidelity.

In an official statement, Samsung responded: "The visibility difference is only three to five percent. But raising resolution to that level increases battery consumption by 30 per cent."

The 960x640 native resolution of the iPhone 4's display is higher than that of the new Samsung Galaxy S which uses Super AMOLED technology to achieve an 800x480 resolution.

Most people will not notice the difference between the two when the pixel count is this close and battery life might just clinch it for Samsung.

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