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  5. Samsung Wave virus 'not impacting UK'

Samsung Wave virus 'not impacting UK'

Samsung Wave virus 'not impacting UK'

The Trojan apparently affected Samsung Wave smartphones in Europe is not a concern for UK owners of the handsets, according to Samsung and Vodafone.

The Waves that arrived in Germany allegedly had a Trojan installed on the microSD memory cards, although it would only become active if the Wave was connected to the user's computer.

However, a spokesperson for Samsung has since dismissed the likelihood of the problem spreading to these shores in an official statement to Tech Radar.

The statement read: "This is an isolated issue that took place solely in the German market. As soon as the problem was identified the issue was immediately resolved.

"All products currently available on the market have been tested and are perfectly safe to use. To be absolutely clear – this problem does not and did not affect the UK."

Samsung is working to ensure that no future smartphones arrive with any form of pre-installed virus, but it is clear that some damage could be done to the reputation of its first Bada-based phone as a result of this incident.

In an explanation as to why the UK Samsung Wave mobiles will not infect PCs, Vodafone announced: "Our phones do not come with a bundled microSD card."

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