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Samsung outsells Nokia in Europe

Samsung outsells Nokia in Europe

Samsung has managed to sell its basic featurephones in greater numbers than Nokia for the first time ever in the Western European marketplace, according to researchers at IDC.

In the first three months of the year 12.1 million Samsung featurephones, offering basic mobile functions such as voice calls and SMS, flew from shelves, which is significantly more than the 9.1 million units that Nokia managed to shift. For Nokia this was a fall in sales of nearly a fifth.

When the smartphone market is taken into account, Nokia is still dominant, with 4.9 million high end mobiles sold during the same period. It should, however, be observing its rivals warily, as Apple, Research in Motion (RIM) and HTC all performed well in Q1, with HTC nearly breaking the million mark.

Samsung's own Smartphone line up has been largely ignored by the mainstream audience, selling just 300,000 units, which will probably give Nokia a small shred of comfort.

Sony Ericsson is another mobile manufacturer that is failing to live up to its pedigree, with its total sales across all phone categories reaching just 3.7 million. Samsung domestic rival LG is keeping its footing with 4.1 million sales.

The whole mobile market is growing at a steady eight per cent, which means that, in general, the manufacturers can continue to hope for improved performance.

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