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  5. Samsung Craft 4G smartphone incoming

Samsung Craft 4G smartphone incoming

Samsung Craft 4G smartphone incoming

Samsung is preparing to launch a phone that harnesses next-generation mobile broadband networks in the US to deliver a super fast internet experience.

The Samsung Craft is destined to be the first smartphone to offer LTE network connectivity and provider MetroPCS Wireless is rumoured to be the first network to pair the phone with this next generation technology.

Whilst the Craft will use LTE for data transfer, it will stick with 3G networking standards for voice calls.

There are some who would question the applicability of the 4G label for LTE technology, but to all intents and purposes it is a member of the fourth generation of mobile networks.

3G is providing relatively high speed access for customers all over the world, but providers are becoming overwhelmed as demand for data is rising faster than the speed and volume at which it can be provided.

LTE is set to alleviate this issue and the Samsung Craft, which is due to land in September, will be a landmark launch because of this.

There is already a 4G smartphone from HTC on sale in the States, but this uses Wi-MAX, not LTE. Neither of these technologies is yet available to consumers in the UK, but trials are being run by major providers.

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