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  5. Samsung Galaxy S benefits from iPhone 4 problems

Samsung Galaxy S benefits from iPhone 4 problems

Samsung Galaxy S benefits from iPhone 4 problems

Samsung is taking advantage of growing discontent with the Apple iPhone 4 to sell large numbers of its new Galaxy S smartphone, which runs on Google's Android operating system.

After 45 days on sale in the US, the Galaxy S has shipped over one million units and although nearly twice this number of iPhone 4s were sold in the first few days after its launch, many industry observers are citing the news as proof that Android is moving into a position of dominance.

"No question there is an anti-Apple, pro-Android movement afoot. It's not just about price. It's also about having an open alternative with much less dictatorial control of what the user can do with the device," said analyst Jack Gold.

Mr Gold has supported Gartner's assertion that Android sales will outpace iPhone sales next year, when all manufacturers who work with Google's platform are taken into account.

The distinction between shipments and sales in this instance is that one million Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have been delivered to various US retailers, although this number may not actually have been sold to consumers, according to Comptuer World.

Network providers AT&T and T-Mobile have rebranded the Galaxy S for their US customers, although it is still the same four inch AMOLED display-sporting mobile for all users and both Sprint and Verizon are set to launch their own Galaxy S variant in the near future, according to rumours.

The growth of the Android Market has contributed to the handset's popularity, according to Mr Gold. The ease of Google's approval process is making Android the developer's platform of choice and consumers are cottoning on to this boom in app availability.

The price of high end Android smartphones like the Galaxy S is another consumer draw, as many contract deals in the US and the UK offer Samsung's mobile free of charge on modest monthly contracts, while the iPhone 4 has a high price tag on all but the most costly pay monthly deals.

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