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  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab shows the way for iPad rivals

Samsung Galaxy Tab shows the way for iPad rivals

Samsung Galaxy Tab shows the way for iPad rivals

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has suffered more leaks than an industrial-sized colander. And now the 7-inch tablet has been given the official go-ahead by Sammy itself, with a video trailer teasing the device’s unveiling on September 2nd at the IFA gadget show in Berlin.

The video itself holds few surprises in terms of specs. Video conferencing, augmented reality, Android 2.2 FroYo and HD video playback were already touted weeks ago, and Samsung has done little to stem what has become heady hype.

This is undoubtedly down to the success of the Galaxy S smartphone -perhaps the very best Android phone yet and definitely a true rival to the iPhone and its locked down iOS software. The clip does give us a first proper look, however, at the device from every angle. It looks absolutely stunning and remarkably slim, showing that Samsung’s design nous has come on leaps and bounds in 2010.

Samsung has always shifted a lot of gadgets, but its phones have never been the sexiest. Now, though, it seems to be coupling the very best in build and design with truly stellar specs. In fact, the Galaxy Tab looks set to be a real trailblazer, the first full-on Android tablet to offer a similar feature set to the market leader and the device which has dominated headlines this year: the iPad.

The Galaxy Tab will show the way for other tech manufacturers in this burgeoning space and sets the standard for what punters expect. The iPad offers a raft of excellent features which, on paper, the Galaxy Tab appears to match. This should be a clear indicator to other mobile makers preparing a move into the tablet space: holding back on specs will not satisfy customers.

Tablets are premium pieces of kit, where 3G functionality, e-reader skills and full web-browsing are a must. Apple and now Samsung have shown this. Tablets are not gadgets to be dumbed down, they’re bleeding-edge and need to stay that way. While the Galaxy tab will obviously be going toe-to-toe with the iPad, it’s maybe a bit lazy to refer to it as an iPad-killer. It’s not and it won’t see off Apple’s slate in any real sense.

Sales of Cupertino’s tablet are soaring and the company has set the standard. What the Galaxy Tab offers is a real alternative. That is, an Android-based system which will rock Flash support and a more open approach to apps.

galaxy tab

In the same way smartphones won’t ever kill the iPhone, new tablets won’t kill the iPad. Samsung clearly knows that people will want to buy Apple’s machine, so it’s going to offer a Google-backed rival and allow it to do the talking.

The Galaxy Tab points to a bright future for Samsung. More will be revealed next week, but this will pave the way for more slates. Let’s just hope RIM, Motorola et al realise that they need to pack in the very best tech to make them count.

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