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Samsung Android device announced

Samsung Android device announced

Samsung is to unveil a new Android device on November 8th, possibly beating rivals to market with the first gadget running the latest 2.3 edition of Google’s operating system.

An invitation to a Samsung press call does not clarify whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone we can look forward to. However, a scan of the invite (see above) does at least yield some clues. Not least the presence of a reel of film in the foreground, suggesting that whatever it is, it’ll be optimised for media.

But there’s more. And alas it muddies the waters somewhat. That’s because the flyer also shows what appears to be some kind of vortex in the background. Not unreasonably, that’s led the good coves at Endgadget to speculate what we’re looking at here is the Samsung Continuum smartphone.

We like the Continuum theory best. Not least because, with its secondary OLED, expansive-looking screen, it’s a bit of kit that looks like it could go toe to toe with any smartie out there.

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