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  5. Android 2.2 hits Samsung Galaxy S on 3

Android 2.2 hits Samsung Galaxy S on 3

Android 2.2 hits Samsung Galaxy S on 3

Samsung Galaxy S owners on 3 can grab Android 2.2, AKA Froyo, now, after the network made the latest operating system available to download late last night.

The upgrade, announced via 3's Twitter feed, is not being pushed out over the air (OTA), as has been the case with most UK carriers’ Android updates, but is instead being made available to download via Samsung's proprietary download solution Kies.

That means that it you want Froyo, you'll first need to install Kies on your PC. From there, you can connect your phone to your PC and transfer Froyo to the handset. So, not as easy as OTA, then. But not far off either.

Features that Android 2.2 brings to the Galaxy S include improvements to Google Maps GPS navigation and voice guidance, plus Flash support and speed enhancements.

Froyo also adds the option to use your smartphone as a mobile broadband dongle via tethering to get online with 3G enabled devices.

In other Sammy news, yesterday price points and UK availability were finally confirmed for the second-ever Google branded phone, the Google Nexus S. The South Korean phone maker is manufacturing the handset on Google's behalf.

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