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  5. Samsung sued by Apple for “slavishly” copying the iPhone and iPad

Samsung sued by Apple for “slavishly” copying the iPhone and iPad

Samsung sued by Apple for “slavishly” copying the iPhone and iPad

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for allegedly copying its products for the Korean giant’s range of Galaxy branded devices.

Cupertino claims that Samsung is in gross violation of its patents by “slavishly” imitating the technology and design of its iPhone and iPad in a variety of Galaxy branded products including the ten million-selling Galaxy S smartphone and the Galaxy Tab tablet.

The suit states: "Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple's technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products.

“Samsung’s Galaxy Tab computer tablet slavishly copies a combination of several elements of the Apple Product Configuration Trade Dress.”

Apple further alleges that Samsung is infringing upon its intellectual property by imitating the shape of its iOS icons.

"Even the icons in earlier versions of the Samsung smart phones looked different because they had a variety of shapes – and did not appear as a field of square icons with rounded corners", it said in the suit.

"This kind of blatant copying is wrong," Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet added.

Apple is seeking an injunction against Big Sam with compensation in actual and punitive damages.

Samsung had denied the allegations and has vowed to “actively” respond to the lawsuit.

Kim Titus, a Samsung representative, said in an email: "Samsung's development of core technologies and strengthening our intellectual property portfolio are keys to our continued success."

Samsung is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers of chips. It is currently the manufacturer of the A5 processor that runs Apple’s iPad 2 tablet and is expected to power the fifth-generation iPhone. It is therefore in both companies' best interest to have the situation resolved amicably.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Sammy is clearly more than a little inspired by Cupertino’s creations. Whether or not Apple is right to claim ownership over a grid of square-shaped icons is debatable, but Samsung will need to tread carefully to avoid marring a potentially long and fruitful relationship.

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