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  5. Apple: Samsung’s iPad 3 request is ‘harassment’

Apple: Samsung’s iPad 3 request is ‘harassment’

Apple: Samsung’s iPad 3 request is ‘harassment’

Apple has spoken out against Samsung’s request for it to hand over prototypes of its next batch of iDevices, including the third-generation iPad, claiming that it amounts to harassment.

The response comes following Samsung’s decision to give Cupertino a taste of its own medicine in a legal dispute that all started when Apple accused Samsung of ‘slavishly’ copying its iProducts into the Korean giant’s Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets.

Apple has filed a motion in the District Court of Northern California saying Samsung’s ‘request’ "is not a good faith attempt to obtain information needed to defend against a preliminary injunction".

"Rather, it is a transparent and improper attempt to harass Apple by demanding extremely sensitive trade secrets that have no relevance to Apple's infringement claims or to Samsung's defences to a preliminary injunction", the filing states.

Apple claims that Samsung has not only copied the ‘design and technology’ of its iPhone and iPad for the Galaxy line-up, it also allegedly nicked the design of its software icons, due to their grid-like nature similar to iOS.

A court in Cali ruled in Apple’s favour, forcing Samsung to hand over prototypes and designs for ‘inspection’ by Apple’s lawyers to determine any wrongdoing.

Fighting fire with fire

Sammy, however was of no mind to take the ruling lying down and responded in kind by seeking a court order of its own demanding that Apple hands over "final, commercial version[s]" of the "iPhone 4S", "iPhone 5", "iPad 3", and "third generation iPad" along with any retail packaging they come in.

It’s hard to tell if Apple’s legal actions against Samsung could backfire, but it’s definitely on shaky ground following a recent defeat to Nokia in a patent spat that will cost the company an estimated £84 million per quarter with some £371 million payable upfront.



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