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Samsung Galaxy Q Android tablet smartphone incoming

Samsung Galaxy Q Android tablet smartphone incoming

Samsung is set to announce a new 5.3-inch smartphone/tablet hybrid addition its Android range, dubbed the Galaxy Q, at this year’s IFA expo in Berlin.

Tipped off by sources close to Yahoo’s Korean wing, the device will reportedly serve as a “stepping stone” between high-end smartphones and tablets. This is, of course, not the first attempt by a manufacturer to amalgamate the two form factors, if you recall the Dell Streak from last year (it’s okay if you don’t).

As expected, it will boast Sammy’s hallmark Super AMOLED display, and support both 3G (WCDMA) and 4G (LTE), meaning it’s pretty likely to invade these shores sooner or later.

That said, whether or not consumers will be more receptive to the neither-flesh-nor-fish nature of a tablet phone this time around remains to be seen, especially considering the relatively underwhelming performance of Android tablets released to date.

Still, Samsung has had a far better track record at shifting Android devices than Dell and is probably in a good position to change that.

What we’re curious about though is whether or not the device will run on the Gingerbread iteration of Android or the tablet-optimised Honeycomb. Or, better yet, whether it could be powered by the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which promises to combine the best of both.

News of Sammy's plans comes as CNET today unearthed a hitherto unseen Galaxy-branded smartphone. Dubbed the Galaxy R, the smartie is a kind of halfway house between the phone-maker's flagship S 2 and its former high-flyer, the original Galaxy S.

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