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Samsung Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphone outed

Samsung Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphone outed

A hitherto unseen Samsung smartphone powered by the newest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has surfaced online, as the Big M prepares for a second major push for its platform later this year.

The smartie, provisionally dubbed the SGH-i937, cropped on stage during a clip filmed at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference yesterday, along with debut Windows handsets from new partners Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE.

Alas, the video which has since disappeared into the inter-ether, doesn’t reveal any specs about said kits, other than the fact one of ZTE’s efforts is a rather lurid pink and will be waterproof – making it officially the first WP tough phone.

mango phones

Notably absent from proceedings was Nokia’s recently revealed Sea Ray, which is widely seen as the phone with the most potential to bring WP7 to a larger market.

Release dates for all forthcoming phones is likely to coincide with the arrival of Mango, which is scheduled to drop in September and brings 500 new features to the platform.

News of developments comes as Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer recently admitted that WP7 handsets have yet to make a significant impact on the smartphone market, despite the vast budget the tech giant set aside for marketing.

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