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  5. Top 10 ways the iPhone 5 can see off Samsung Galaxy S2

Top 10 ways the iPhone 5 can see off Samsung Galaxy S2

Top 10 ways the iPhone 5 can see off Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has rightly gained plaudits as the best Android phone ever. And this has been backed up by Sammy’s own official stats, which reveal that the top-end device has shifted a massive three million units in just 55 days.

That smashes the original Galaxy S’s record of three million in 85 days and will doubtless give Apple plenty to think about in the run-up to the launch of the iPhone 5. As Android grows at a rapid rate, just how can Apple see off Samsung’s challenge? Here’s our Top 10 pointers for Jobs and co.

1 Bigger screen

iphone 5 concept 2

The iPhone 4’s 3.5-inch panel might be a Retina Display stunner, but it’s now far smaller than all its key Android competitors. Talk of a bigger screen has been rife for months and a four-incher would surely quell concerns that Apple’s device is failing to max out its media potential.

2 Go dual-core

a5 processor

A no brainer, surely. Evidence in earlier builds of iOS have shown Apple is going to load a dual-core processor into the iPhone 5 and it’s a must if it’s going to go toe-to-toe with the S2 and win.

3 Thinner, sharper design

The iPhone 4 is already a beautiful piece of kit. But standing still, as Cupertino did with iPhone 3GS, is not an option this time around. If Apple takes this route, the iPhone 5 will be positively hulking come the end of 2012. The updated iPhone needs to lose some pounds while retaining its resolutely unplasticky build.

4 1080p video

iphone hd

The Galaxy S2’s 1080p video shooting skills mark it out as the very best smartphone camcorder on the market. Apple’s video prowess and easy sharing is well known, but to ensure it stays at the top of its game full HD is a must.

5 And on board 1080p video editing

The Galaxy S2’s only (minor let down), is its on board video editing suite’s inability to cut down clips in 1080p. Apple can score a quick win here by ensuring its iMovie app can chop footage in the highest quality format.

6 A quick release


Apple is generally pretty good at releasing its kit within a matter of days (sometimes hours). If the iPhone 5 does materialise in September, it needs to be on shelves by the end of that month at the latest. A good run to Christmas will ensure it gazumps Sammy’s Android bestseller.

7 Cheap deals

Cheap illustration

These aren't likely to be very cheap by the standard of other handsets, of course. Even so, the sheer prevalence of the iPhone should mean that networks can offer great deals at knockdown prices, at least ahead of Christmas. Three’s entry-level £30 a month deal should set a marker for other carriers.

8 iOS 5 must run perfectly

ios 5

Obvious, but if there’s even a whiff of iOS 5 having issues when it lands on the new iPhone, the clamour for an Apple apology will be massive. Current builds are understandably buggy, but there can be no margin for error if the Galaxy S2, in line for an Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, is to be beaten.

9 Beefed up camera

Megapixels matter, at least in the mind of the public. To that end, the iPhone 5’s snapper needs to be bumped up to 8MP, with the lens and sensor improved to give better shots. Vital when it comes to iOS 5’s Twitter integration and a must to match Sammy’s phone.

10 Don’t trash talk the S2

samsung galaxy s2

Unlikely, as Apple and Samsung are locked in legal warfare and won’t want to prejudice proceedings. However, there’s no point in Steve Jobs slating the S2. He just needs the iPhone 5 to do the talking.

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