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  5. Samsung Android phone assault put on ice

Samsung Android phone assault put on ice

Samsung Android phone assault put on ice

Claims that Samsung is prepping an imminent Android market takedown with up to 11 impressively specc’d new devices are wide of the mark, the phone-maker has revealed.

Earlier this week, a welter of reports surfaced claiming to have unearthed specifications for nine Android phones and two tablets on the way from the House of Sammy in the next quarter.

Among them were three cut price blowers and the super high-end Samsung GT-I9220, which it was claimed is home to a lavish 5.29-inch display with 720p HD resolution and an eight-megapixel snapper.

Perhaps the pick of the bunch, though, was a 4.5-inch screen-toting Android Honeycomb powered smartphone that packs a brawny 1.5GHz dual core processor.

However, before you get yourself in a lather and add the above to your provisional Christmas Wish List, know this: Samsung has since disclosed that those too-good-to-be-true specs are in fact too good to be true.

A statement from Sammy read: “Some media have been reporting that Samsung is preparing to launch nine new smartphones and two new tablet devices. While Samsung is continuously working on new devices for our customers, the details being cited are not accurate in this case.

“We appreciate the interest in our upcoming mobile devices and will share more information once it’s available.”

Disappointing, no? Still, it’s not all bad news. Perhaps tellingly other rumoured devices said to be on the way from Samsung weren’t included in the leak. So don’t give up hope of that 3D capable Galaxy phone for now.



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