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  5. Samsung iPhone 4S ad: funny, but no way to convert Apple faithful

Samsung iPhone 4S ad: funny, but no way to convert Apple faithful

Samsung iPhone 4S ad: funny, but no way to convert Apple faithful

You may have already seen Samsung’s latest attempt at taking on Apple. Not their Galaxy Nexus, but a rather sharp ad which takes a swipe, not at Apple itself, but at Apple fanatics queuing for an iPhone 4S.

The premise is simple. Hardcore Apple fans are waiting for hours in line for the new iPhone, when they spot someone with a Galaxy S2 4G.

It piques their interest, but one user “could never get a Samsung” because he’s “creative”, even though it turns out he actually works in a coffee house.

So far, so hackneyed. But the central message of Samsung’s phone packing 4G and a bigger screen is put over forcefully.

If you don’t like Apple, you’ll love it. But ultimately, this is a risky strategy by Samsung.

Slate Apple? Sure. But slating consumers who you could potentially win over? A big mistake.

What Samsung’s ad fails to address is the fact that iPhone owners don’t actually care about bleeding-edge specs. If they really did, they’d have switched to top-end Android phones ages ago.

iphone 4s triplicate

The reason people have queued up for the iPhone 4S and bought it their droves is simply because of excellent branding and an ecosystem that links together and works seamlessly, something the Galaxy S2 can’t quite match, although it does get close.

Going after users is foolish in the extreme. These are the people you need to convince, not laugh at.

If Samsung really wants to ensure its Galaxy S2 outsells the iPhone 4S - a tall order indeed - then it needs to actually come up with something to entice them, rather than using bait that will only incense the hardcore and make everyone else think that Sammy is suffering from a severe case of sour grapes.

Yes, the “creative” comment is funny. But what if a Galaxy S2 owner did the same thing and billed himself as a “creative” (despite his profession) because of that phone’s excellent camera and editing smarts?

samsung galaxy s2

You can imagine Android fans losing the plot, and understandably so. Yes, this clip is light-hearted. But it also shows how out of touch rival manufacturers are when it comes to the iPhone.

There’s still an undeniable element of competitors not understanding the iPhone’s appeal and therefore ridiculing it. The fanboys are already het up over this latest stunt. Worse could be to come, though. It could backfire and turn them off Samsung for life.

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