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  5. Nokia Lumia 800 outsold by Samsung Omnia W, claims analyst

Nokia Lumia 800 outsold by Samsung Omnia W, claims analyst

Nokia Lumia 800 outsold by Samsung Omnia W, claims analyst

The Samsung Omnia W has outsold the hugely hyped Nokia Lumia 800 in its first five days of availability in one of Nokia’s key markets, an influential analyst claims, despite the Finns lavishing a vast marketing budget on the make-or-break smartphone.

According to a tweet from Mobile Review editor Eldar Murtazin, who has a habit of breaking pretty sensational Nokia news, Sammy’s Windows Mango-powered kit outperformed the Lumia 800 despite the fact that Nokia’s ad spend was a whopping 45 times higher.

Murtazin doesn’t cite a source for his figures, making them hard to verify. But given that he was the first person to break news that Microsoft and Nokia were in talks over the latter adopting the Windows platform and was, of course, thoroughly vindicated, there’s every chance that he’s right about this too.

Nokia Lumia 800 cyan blue

The handset’s fortunes in Russia, where Nokia performs better than in western Europe, is likely to have been impacted by the phone-maker’s decision to also release and heavily promote its MeeGo-toting N9 handset just months before – something that is certain to have eaten into the Lumia 800’s mindshare and marketshare.

Earlier this week, a slew of contradictory reports surfaced regarding the Lumia 800’s performance in the UK. While several online retailers testified to strong demand, some analysts claimed it had underperformed and would ship just half a million units before the year’s end.

Previously, Murtazin has predicted that Nokia will be forced to cut the handset’s asking price by 15 per cent in early 2012 in a bid to boost flagging demand.



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