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  5. Samsung Galaxy S2 HD coming to UK after all?

Samsung Galaxy S2 HD coming to UK after all?

Samsung Galaxy S2 HD coming to UK after all?

Following reports that the ‘HD’ variant of the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S2 could be skipping a UK release, we have been tipped off that it might be landing in our fair isles after all.

Last week, Samsung reportedly told Recombu that the Galaxy S2 HD will not be coming to Blighty for undisclosed reasons. However, we have since received indications from our retail sources that a UK release is not beyond the realms of possibility, with the South Korea phone-maker purportedly continuing to ponder whether the updated kit merits it given the regular edition is already doing so well.

Enhancements the S2 HD brings include a larger 4.6-inch display with a native 720p HD (1280 x 720) resolution much like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and a 1.5GHz dual core processor instead of 1.2GHz.

We contacted Samsung’s UK division to corroborate, to which it responded: “We have no information on this at the moment”.

While it’s not an admission by any means, it’s not a denial either. This makes us hope at least that it may not have been ruled out from dropping at a later date.

Our best guess is that Sammy would wait until there’s slowed demand for the original Galaxy S2. A hesitation to bring the handset here may be to do with the growing possibility that the real successor to the S2, provisionally dubbed the S3, may be announced at the Mobile World Congress next month.

In any case, we’ll be keeping an eye on developments and bring you more intel as soon as we have it.

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