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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 not landing until July, hint network sources

Samsung Galaxy S3 not landing until July, hint network sources

Samsung Galaxy S3 not landing until July, hint network sources

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may not arrive for another five months, overseas carriers have claimed.

The successor to the S2 was originally thought likely to tip up at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this weekend.

This expectation was founded on Samsung unveiling its previous flagship phones, the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2, at the tech expo in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

samsung galaxy s3 generic mockup

However, earlier this month Samsung ruled out an MWC debut for its 2012 flagship. In a statement, the phone-maker said the S3 is being postponed until the second quarter of the year to allow it to co-ordinate a simultaneous global release.

That meant that we could be able to get our hands on it from April. At the earliest.

But any hopes that the phone might arrive earlier rather than later in the second period today look more than a little bit forlorn, after insider info leaked online.

According to sources from South African carrier Cell C cited by, the phone will be on sale “by July”, but shouldn’t be expected any time soon.

The S.A division of Virgin Mobile was even less optimistic that the Galaxy S3 will be on sale imminently, revealing that it doesn’t expect the phone to drop until the third quarter.

Samsung’s claim that it is delaying the S3 to facilitate a global release have been called into question by industry sages.

According to some tech watchers, the postponement could have more to do with an ongoing legal spat with Apple and the Cupertino tech giant’s allegation that the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that powers the S3 infringes on its patents.

Quite what to expect from the S3 remains strictly under wraps right now. But for a comprehensive guide to all the spec-sheet rumours doing the rounds, check out our handy round-up


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