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  5. Samsung Galaxy S2 tops mobile chart for 10th month, iPhone 4S stays second

Samsung Galaxy S2 tops mobile chart for 10th month, iPhone 4S stays second

Samsung Galaxy S2 tops mobile chart for 10th month, iPhone 4S stays second

The Samsung Galaxy S2 topped the uSwitch Mobile Tracker for the tenth consecutive month in February, once again seeing off the challenge from the iPhone 4S.

Samsung’s blockbuster phone sealed the number-one spot in the survey, which aggregates search volumes and handset sales, in part thanks to some time-limited price cuts as carriers prepare for the arrival of its successor, informally dubbed the Galaxy S3.

samsung galaxy s2

The phone maker’s Galaxy family also claimed a further two places in the top ten, with the wallet-friendly Galaxy Ace nestling at number three and the super-sized Galaxy Note making good on its SuperBowl ad-inspired second wind to make the ninth spot its own.

Other high placers were the HTC Wildfire S (4th), the evergreen iPhone 3GS in its cut-price 8GB flavour (5th) and the iPhone 4 16GB edition (6th).

And completing the top ten in tech’s equivalent of the old Top of the Pops rundown is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (7th), the Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 800 (8th) and the HTC Desire S (10th).

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, said: “The enduring popularity of the Galaxy S II – fresh from a Best Smartphone win at the Global Mobile Awards – may well see it remain at the top until the arrival of a heavily rumoured sequel in the next couple of months.

“Nokia’s Lumia 800 climbing back up the chart is not entirely surprising. Strong continued advertising and the arrival of the Lumia 710 at the beginning of February has stoked interest in both the brand and Windows Phone.”

Nokia Lumia 800 cyan blue

However, Doku predicted a sea change in the chart in months to come, as the handsets that debuted at last month’s Mobile World Congress made their way to UK carriers.

He added: “As we move into March, a legion of new handsets are scheduled to arrive in stores in the coming weeks, with Sony’s XPERIA S leading the charge for a host of powerful and appealing smartphones from big names including LG, Nokia and HTC.

“It will certainly be interesting to see where the handsets eventually land in our Mobile Tracker, and whether the Galaxy S II’s reign at the top of the chart will finally be usurped by one of the many new challengers to the throne.”

Check out the Mobile Tracker's findings in full here: uSwitch Mobile Tracker February.

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