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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 tops mobile chart, knocks iPhone 4S off peak

Samsung Galaxy S3 tops mobile chart, knocks iPhone 4S off peak

Samsung Galaxy S3 tops mobile chart, knocks iPhone 4S off peak

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has roared to the top of uSwitch Tech’s Mobile Tracker, ending the white edition of the iPhone 4S’ all-too-brief tenure of the number-one position.

The S3’s spectacular ascent comes amid an Apple-style blizzard of hype, driving a surge in pre-orders, online searches and sales for the Android powered smartphone during May.

Samsung Galaxy S3 blue slanted official

Before the iPhone 4S reached the top spot last month, Samsung had topped the tracker for 11 consecutive months with the 20 million-selling Galaxy S2.

And despite the arrival of a higher-specced successor, the S2 is still sitting pretty in position three – a full 15 months after it went on sale.

HTC’s current flagship, the One X, makes an appearance at number four, while the Galaxy family once again crop up at positions five and six with the wallet-friendly Galaxy Ace and the tablet-smartphone hybrid Galaxy Note respectively.

HTC One X official 2

At number seven there’s another appearance for the black edition of the iPhone 4S, and it's a double whammy for HTC at eight and nine with the One S and One V.

And rounding things off is the Sony Xperia S, which clung on to its top-ten status by the skin of its teeth.

Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch, forecast that the one-two punch of the S2 and S3 augur well for continued strong showings for Samsung in the Mobile Tracker.

He said: “Feeling surprisingly light to carry due to its brushed polycarbonate casing, especially considering the vast 4.8 Super AMOLED screen, the Samsung S III looks set to give the iPhone a serious run for its money.

That said, the iPhone 4S – and even its predecessor - remains an impressive handset, deserving of its brief time at the top, and is likely to remain high in the chart for months to come.

Doku added: “What is interesting this month is the arrival of the HTC One series as a major player in the smartphone market alongside Apple and Samsung.

“The One V’s new entry means HTC now has all three One series devices in the top ten. These are fun yet powerful smartphones, concentrating on cutting edge devices at incredibly competitive prices.”

The S3 officially went on sale this week, amid severe stock shortages of the blue colourway reportedly due to manufacturing problems.

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