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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 snap leaked?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 snap leaked?

With just weeks to go until the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 drops, nary a blurry spyshot has leaked online to give us some idea of what Sammy’s next-gen phablet looks like. Or so we thought.

Today, speculation is mounting that we might actually have seen the phone months and months ago, after Samsung’s official Pakistan Facebook page posted a very unofficial image of an as-yet-unidentified handset. One that surfaced way back when and which we'd at one stage thought was the S3.

samsung galaxy s3 bgr

The image of the phone was on Sammy’s feed alongside the caption: ”Picture perfect view made even more perfect with Samsung Galaxy S3.” All well and good, except that we now know that the smartphone in the photo isn’t the S3 at all.

All of which has led the uncommonly observant coves at Engadget to surmise that what we’re looking at is in fact the Galaxy Note 2 and that the image was posted inadvertently by Samsung’s Facebook account manager.

Adding a whiff of credence to that mode of thinking is that Samsung later changed the caption so it referred to the phone in the snap as the original Galaxy Note, before pulling the Facebook post entirely.

One way or another, we’ll find out the truth on August 29th when Samsung will officially unveil the Note 2 at the IFA tech expo in Berlin.



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