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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 not landing February, says Sammy

Samsung Galaxy S4 not landing February, says Sammy

Samsung Galaxy S4 not landing February, says Sammy

Rumours – of a pretty unlikely stripe, admittedly – that Samsung is already readying a sequel to the Galaxy S3 for release early next year have been categorically denied by the phone-maker.

Yesterday, reports surfaced citing insider sources who claimed that the hitherto unheard of Samsung Galaxy S4 is scheduled to land in February at the Mobile World Congress tech expo in Barcelona.

Not so, apparently. According to a tweet from Samsung’s official South Korean Twitter account, which was picked up on by the Engadget gang, there are as yet no plans in place for a sequel to the handset.

That’s something we’re prepared to believe given that it would leave just nine months between the S3 and its successor – a short lifecycle that was sure to irk S3 owners who’ve just signed up for the barely four-months-old smartphone.

Assuming Samsung is being above-board with its denial, we can assume that the putative spec sheet that appeared in reports of the so-called S4, which included a five-inch screen and 4G support, isn’t the real deal either.

Although given the prevailing trends in smartphone upgrades, we’d actually be amazed if a larger display isn't on board if and when Samsung does get around to following up its current flagship phone. And given that 4G looks like it’s finally about to take over globally, it’d be even more credulity-testing if next-gen network support isn't present too.



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