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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini landing Oct 11th?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini landing Oct 11th?

Samsung could be about to unveil a slimmed-down, cheaper version of the Galaxy S3, teaser blurb on a press invite suggests.

The phone-maker’s characteristically cryptic invitation to the product showcase in Germany on October 11th does not name a specific handset that's due to debut, but instead hints at “something small” that Samsung has in store for us.

The mystery gadget’s compact dimensions are also alluded to by phrases on the flyer that Trusted Gadgets rather niftily translates as “get ready for a little sensation” and “something small will be really big”.

Not unreasonably, all this oblique talk of compact devices has led the site to speculate that the event will be marked by the launch of a slimmer, less lavishly specc’d and more wallet friendly edition of Samsung's 2012 flagship phone, which is informally dubbed the Galaxy S3 Mini.

Assuming that the speculation is correct, spec-sheet fixtures and fittings likely to be ditched in the name of saving space and keeping costs down include the grown-up S3’s super-sinewy quad-core processor, which could be swapped for a more modest dual-core model.

And in news to surprise no-one who’s familiar with notions such as volume and space, the smaller phone is also expected to house a tinier screen than the standard S3’s whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD number.

Signs that a new addition to the Galaxy family is on the way come after Samsung recently confirmed that the S3 is its fastest-selling phone ever. According to the South Korean company, the handset sold over 20 million units within 100 days of going on sale.


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