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  5. Samsung and Apple should call truce in legal spat, says poll

Samsung and Apple should call truce in legal spat, says poll

Samsung and Apple should call truce in legal spat, says poll

Most tech fans want to see an end to Apple and Samsung’s long-standing patent battle, a uSwitch survey reveals, but opinion is still massively split over the increasingly acrimonious dispute.

The tech giants have been embroiled in a global legal spate over alleged patent infringements for over a year. In that time, products on both sides have been withdrawn from sale in select territories. Samsung also lost a major court battle in California where it was ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages.

Industry watchers, some of whom have dubbed the current smartphone era the 'patent wars', have bemoaned the dispute’s scope to hamper innovation in the sector in future, as wary manufacturers scrupulously avoid potential infringements.

And if a poll of uSwitch users can be believed, that negative view of the battle is shared by a good deal of the tech public too. Of 3,282 site visitors we quizzed, 51.37 per cent (1,686 respondents) said they would like to see Samsung and Apple kiss and make up.

However, that’s not to say that the feeling is universal. Far from it, in fact, with 48.63 per cent of the sample (1,596 votes) calling for hostilities to continue – presumably until one of the rivals joins Palm in the gadget-makers’ graveyard.

So what to read into this? Well, with so many people seemingly willing Samsung to give the top dog a bloody note, for one thing it underlines the sheer levels of animosity that Apple increasingly seems to attract from some quarters of the public.

But it’s surely also indicative that despite that kind of ill will, most people can still see that the patent wars have the potential to put the dampeners of a period of hitherto unseen levels of excitement and innovation in the smartphone sector. And that if the two biggest players carry on the way they’re going, we’ll all lose out in the long run.

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