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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sells 5m units

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sells 5m units

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sold two million units in the last month alone to rack up total sales of five million in five months, in the latest sign that 'phablets' are continuing their journey from niche concern to mass-market devices.

Samsung’s handset’s impressive numbers, which come hard on the heels of the gadget-maker’s recent announcement that it expects to sell some 60 million smartphones in the last quarter of 2012, means that its latest handset-tablet hybrid has already reached the original Galaxy Note’s lifetime sales figure.

Demand for the handset has been stoked by a series of high-profile, comparative ads that have taken particularly vituperative swipes at the iPhone and the unquestioning loyalty of Apple fanboys.

Billed as a larger alternative to the Galaxy S3, whose status as Samsung’s flagship is underlined by sales of 30 million units, the Note 2’s major unique selling points are its 5.4-inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen and revamped S-Pen stylus.

The phone is also home to a quad-core processor and some smart tweaks to the Android OS that powers it, such as the option to open multiple windows for multi-tasking.



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