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Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours - why it's time to get excited

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours - why it's time to get excited

The chatter surrounding the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 has begun to ramp up.

With 2012 drawing to a close and no major new product announcements in line until the new year, this is a traditional time for everyone to get excited about what's to come.

If the latest gossip about the Galaxy S4 is anything to go by, then 2013 looks set to start with a bang

Samsung Galaxy S4 placeholder.

An improved 4.99 inch 1080p display, slimmer design, ramped up 13 megapixel shooter and eight cores to power the Android show, means this will be the device to beat next year.

Samsung is really onto a winner now and has rightly gained a reputation as the foremost competitor to Apple's iPhone.

While in the past emphasising specs used to hamper rivals to Cupertino's all conquering handset, today it's less of a hindrance.

iPhone 5 official horizontal

More people are becoming savvier about what smartphones can do and Samsung is the king of giving the masses what they want.

These latest rumours show that Samsung looks set to go all out in its bid to become the predominant smartphone producer.

It appears that where once the iPhone led in terms of gossip, Samsung has wrested control.

samsung logo large

It's setting the agenda for what a smartphone should offer, in conjunction with the ever-improving Google Android.

If the leaked specs are spot on, then the Galaxy S4 will be the phone that everyone is clamouring for.

After a solid start for the iPhone 5, but one hit by bad PR and poorly made software, Apple is going to have to do all it can to innovate and create an iPhone 6 that puts bleeding edge tech at its core.

That Samsung could force Tim Cook's hand with the S4 is incredibly exciting.

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