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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 to rock eight-core ‘big.little’ processor?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to rock eight-core ‘big.little’ processor?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to rock eight-core ‘big.little’ processor?

Samsung’s next flagship effort, the hitherto unofficial Galaxy S4, may sport a face-melting octa-core processor for blazing quick, well, everything, reports suggests.

According to EETimes, the South Korean electronics maker will unveil a new 28nm SoC (system on chip) at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in February that boasts not one, but two quad-core clusters.

One half is reportedly clocked at 1.8GHz per core with a 2MBtye L2 cache that’s aimed toward resource-hungry operations, while the latter runs at 1.2GHz for handling everyday tasks and is designed to be more energy-efficient.

On paper it sounds very similar to ARM’s ‘big.little’ architecture, which combines a pair of quad-core 32-bit A15 and A7 clusters together, and is potentially an evolution of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 number, which adds fifth ‘companion’ core to perform basic tasks and conserve battery life.

Previously it was mooted that the Galaxy S4 may ship with an Exynos 5 series processor with four Cortex-A15 cores at 2GHz something missing here? each teams with an eight-core Mali-658 GPU.

exynos processor

Either way, all signs so far point to a substantial leap in performance for Sammy’s Next Big Thing.

Other specs the S4 is rumoured to bring include a 13-megapixel camera that was purportedly canned for the S3 due to supply shortage, and a 4.99-inch full HD display with 441 pixels per inch that would blow the iPhone’s Retina display away by some distance.

What new additions and improvements are you looking forward to in the Galaxy S4? Tell us below.



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