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Samsung: ‘iPhone wouldn’t be possible without our patents’

Samsung: ‘iPhone wouldn’t be possible without our patents’

A key Samsung mover-and-shaker has launched yet another attack on Apple after it was revealed that an earlier ruling favouring the iMaker over a patent dispute is going to be reassessed.

Earlier this week, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) agreed to re-examine its preliminary ruling in September that Apple didn’t infringed four of Samsung’s patents relating to 3G wireless technology.

According to Samsung’s head of mobiles, JK Shin, Apple’s iPhone would not even exist if it weren’t for patents held by the South Korean giant.

Shin previously ruled out the prospect of settling with Apple, which recently agreed to a 10-year patent sharing deal with HTC following similarly acrimonious legal warfare.

“The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets,” said Shin.

“As you know, Samsung is very strong in terms of portfolios of wireless patents.”

Shin’s sentiments are hardly surprisingly given Samsung’s massive defeat against Apple in one of the industry’s sourest court cases where it was ordered to pay the Cupertino-based rival a staggering $1.05 billion in damages.

Apple has been reportedly trying to sign a patents agreement with Samsung for years, but without success.

How this will affect the iMaker in the long run remains to be seen, especially amid chatter that it might face litigation over the inclusion of 4G LTE support on the iPhone 5.

Samsung is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers of chips and components under a deal that’s set to expire in 2014. If there’s any chance of a compromise happening on the patents, it’s likely to be then as a new agreement could serve as leverage for negotiations.


Korea Times

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