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Samsung readying 6.3-inch Galaxy Note threequel?

Samsung readying 6.3-inch Galaxy Note threequel?

The third-generation Samsung Galaxy Note range may be even bigger than its predecessors, amid local supply chain chatter in South Korea that it will introduce a larger, possibly thinner display.

According to a Korea Times report, the Galaxy Note 3, or whatever it winds up being called, will feature a 6.3-inch screen - about eighth-tenths of an inch larger than the Note 2. This will apparently be of a more cutting-edge OLED variety, which suggests the device itself could also be slimmer and lighter.

The rumour got a fresh layer of credence after The Verge was tipped by a “trusted source” at Samsung that "at some point in the next year, and it could be very late in the year, we might fill in the largest gap in our screen size line-up."

Samsung has already proved the critics wrong by converting a seemingly niche form factor into one that is now much loved by the masses. Still, we can’t help but wonder if it’s really wise to increase the display size with every new refresh, as it could potentially fragment the Galaxy Note range too much.

The Verge’s source also revealed that rumours of Samsung’s next flagship kit, the Galaxy S4, featuring a flexible panel are unsubstantiated, stating: “flexible screens are still a while off.”

Despite recent conjecture that the Galaxy S4 might be unveiled at the CES tech expo in January, it’s a no-brainer that Samsung would choose to unveil the handset at its own press event, just as it did with the S3. We’re thinking sometime in May again, though there’s a small possibility that it might lift the lid as early as March.

The Galaxy Note 3, meanwhile, could certainly make an appearance at CES. Samsung has already released a video teasing at an important announcement. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out what it is.


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