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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 to debut new, faster Android update service?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to debut new, faster Android update service?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to debut new, faster Android update service?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could mark the arrival of a new system for rolling out Android updates, reports suggest, as the phone-maker attempts to exert more influence over its handset empire.

According to Sam Mobile, the as-yet-unnamed service is intended to give Samsung “more control in each country about updates and sales” and will, it seems, be in use alongside its existing proprietary download solution, Kies.

The move could mean faster rollouts for new versions of Android to Samsung Galaxy phones in future, sweetening the appeal of the handsets, especially to the tech-engaged geek fraternity.

Samsung Galaxy S4 placeholder

But there’s another, more compelling, business imperative too. The new system would use IMEI tracking to enable Samsung to clamp down on carriers buying devices overseas and selling them in their domestic markets.

This technology means that Samsung could then refuse to roll out updates for phones not bought in their home country. Perhaps more importantly, it would also be in possession of a much more complete picture of sales figures, giving it the whip hand in negotiations with networks.

So what does all this mean to you? Well, obviously faster updates to new iterations of Android sounds great. But one considerably less happy consequence is that if networks are no longer able to sneakily source cheaper Galaxy phones from abroad, consumers could end up paying higher prices.

Rumours over Samsung's plans comes amid mounting speculation that it will unveil the S4 in April at a special one-off press event.

The flagship kit’s spec sheet is thought to take in a larger 4.99-inch display with a full HD resolution and 440 pixels-per-inch density, as well as wireless charging and new UI tweaks that allow users to control their handset with eyeball movements alone.


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