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  5. Samsung Galaxy smartwatch teased by leaked screenshot

Samsung Galaxy smartwatch teased by leaked screenshot

Samsung Galaxy smartwatch teased by leaked screenshot

Samsung may be working on a Galaxy-branded smartphone, freshly uncovered screen grabs of precisely square dimensions showing a mystery device's operating system suggest.

Sourced by the good folk at Sam Mobile, the images have a 500 x 500 resolution, which most probably means they don’t belong to a handset and are instead taken from a hitherto unknown smartwatch – a halfway house between a smartphone and a watch, in case you were wondering.

They reveal the time, a language selection screen, various steps of the set-up process and perhaps the most interesting of them all, the homescreen. Although they look distinctly Android, in one screenshot at least, it states ‘AltiusOS’, which could just be a heavily modified version of Google’s OS.

Samsung alleged smartwatch screenshot

What’s strange, however, is that several of the screenshots display the name ‘Galaxy Atlius’, which has been long thought to be the codename for the Galaxy S4. That means either Atlius isn’t what we believed it to be or these images have been faked.

The latter seems more likely given that these snaps land hot on the heels of chatter that Apple is prepping its own smartwatch – the so-called iWatch – with a 100-strong team devoted to its development.

Then again, a recently leaked list of accessories purportedly intended for three upcoming Samsung kits also suggests that the S-giant might also be readying a sportswear-type handset or device called Project J Active (codename Fortius).

In any case, it makes good sense for Samsung to launch some sort of smartphone-wristwatch hybrid that leverages its growing and hugely successful ecosystem of Galaxy products.

Ideally, such a device would automatically sync with your Galaxy smartphone, display incoming calls, messages, social network updates and notifications, control music, set alarms, calendar events and possibly even make phone calls.

Assuming there actually is one in the works, Samsung is likely to announce it after it announces the Galaxy S4, which is expected to tip up sometime in late March or early April.

Do you think Samsung should create a Galaxy smartwatch? Tell us why in the comments section below.

Sam Mobile

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