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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 design hinted by purported cases at CeBIT 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 design hinted by purported cases at CeBIT 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 design hinted by purported cases at CeBIT 2013

Cases allegedly intended for the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been spotted at CeBIT 2013, compelling us to imagine what the handset might look like before its imminent unveiling.

Made in China (what a shocker), the cases were caught on camera at the international computer expo that’s currently underway in Germany. Assuming they are the real deal, it’s immediately evident that the Galaxy S4 won’t be quite as ‘nature-inspired’ as its forebear – at least as far as the shape of the device is concerned.

Samsung Galaxy S4 alleged covers

Snapped next to a Galaxy S3, the S4 covers are noticeably squarer and arguably more macho-looking. It’s marginally thicker and wider too, but is also shorter. The downside of this may be that it’s not as snug in the hand. On the upside, it might be slightly better for one-handed use, especially if the screen size is really increased to five inches as the rumours suggests.

The power button is located on the right, while the volume rocker is on the left – exactly where they are located on the Galaxy S3. At the bottom there are openings for the microUSB port and a headset jack and at the back there are openings for the LED flash, the camera and in at least one of the cases, two holes for what might be stereo speakers.

Aside from that, there’s really not much else to discern from the cases, nor any way to verify if they are genuine.

The good thing is that we only have to wait one more week before Samsung finally raises the curtain on the Galaxy S4 at a press gathering in New York on March 14th.

Aside from a larger screen, Sammy’s Next Big Thing is also rumoured to introduce its all-new eight-core processor, a 13-megapixel shooter and eye-tracking technology to enable pausing videos and scrolling content using your eye movements alone.


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