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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 floating touch rumours resurface

Samsung Galaxy S4 floating touch rumours resurface

Samsung Galaxy S4 floating touch rumours resurface

More evidence that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature touch-free gesture controls emerged today, as the phone-maker once again throws its weight behind user-interface quirkiness as a key differentiator in a market characterised by indistinguishable me-too smartphones.

Rumours that Samsung is working on a system that recognises gestures performed by fingers when they are not in contact with the screen first emerged back in February.

The report, which noted the feature’s closeness to the system used by the Sony Xperia Sola, stemmed from Chinese insiders who claimed the feature would allow users to hover their fingers over the display to register inputs.

Today, that news item seems a bit more credible after a source told the ever-reliable Samsung-fixated scribes at Sam Mobile that so-called “floating touch” technology will be on board the handset.

According to the site, interacting with a handset in this way is comparable to “using your finger as a cursor or Samsung’s Air View which can be very handy, for example hovering over a Picture Album to get a sneak at the pictures inside”.

Speculation over Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S4 come amid separate leaks suggesting that the handset will be equipped with eye motion-sensitive controls which will harness the S4’s front-facing camera to let owners pause video and scroll through pages using their eyes alone.

Samsung is set to debut the S4 on March 14th at a press call in New York.


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