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Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging accessories incoming

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging accessories incoming

The latest flagship smartphone from Samsung will soon have wireless charging capabilities with the aid of Qi-compatible accessories, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has revealed.

Announced last week, the Galaxy S4 was long-mooted to bring built-in wireless charging support. However, much to the disappointment of the press, that wasn’t the case.

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging mock-up

Fortunately, the WPC has officially confirmed that accessories using the Qi inductive power standard will be released to make your dreams of charging your S4 without a cord a reality.

The WPC said in a statement: “The new Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the Qi wireless charging standard in its optional back battery cover and wireless charging pad accessories, as demonstrated at Samsung Unpacked 2013.

"The accessories are fully compatible with all Qi chargers and Qi-compatible phones.”

While wireless charging is hardly a new invention – as you may or may not recall from the ill-fated Palm Touchstone - what sets Qi-approved chargers apart as a potential game changer is that they’ll work with any Qi-approved device, regardless of brand.

This universal compatibility is also bound to ensure fast growth in the number of Qi charging stations in popular public places.

“The Galaxy S4 is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding Qi ecosystem of mobile devices, charging accessories, charging locations, and consumer electronics with an installed base of more than 15 million units,” said the consortium.

"It's easy, you just set your Qi-supported device on any Qi charging spot and it instantly starts charging."

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is due to hit shop shelves in late April. So we expect the Qi-supported back covers and charging pads, along with pricing, to be unveiled around that time.



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