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Samsung Galaxy S4 'won’t debut Knox security'

Samsung Galaxy S4 'won’t debut Knox security'

Tech-fanciers won’t get their first look at Samsung’s much-touted Knox smartphone security system until later this year, reports suggest, contrary to expectations that it would be on board the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it goes on sale on Saturday.

As its name suggests, Knox offers the kind of airtight, beefed-up enterprise-standard security that was once the sole preserve of BlackBerry handsets.

It also features what Samsung’s PR rubric describes as a “container solution that separates business and personal use of a mobile device”, so you’ll be able to easily keep your home and work life separate.

Or at least you will come late spring/early summer, which is when it now looks like the feature will come to the Galaxy S4, presumably as a software update delivered through Samsung’s proprietary download solution Kies.

According to unnamed sources cited by the New York Times tech blog, Samsung has delayed Knox’s release to allow more time for testing. It now expects to equip its kits with the software in July.

Unarguably 2013’s key handset launch so far, the Galaxy S4 is set to land on shop shelves on April 27th - pending supply shortages, natch.

The Galaxy Note 3, the note-taking smarts of which mark it out as more business-friendly than the Galaxy S4, will almost certainly also come equipped with Knox out of box when it drops around September.


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