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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active spotted

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active spotted

You certainly can’t accuse Samsung of resting on its laurels when it comes to unleashing new smartphones.

After the Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, a pair of Galaxy Megas and a slew of rumours about the forthcoming Galaxy Note 3, the world’s biggest mobile-maker is now said to be prepping another new smartie: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

Rocking a reinforced, waterproof frame, the Galaxy S4 Active totes ruggedised buttons for controlling the device when it’s pelting it down with rain. 

Ports are protected by plastic covers, meaning you can dunk and dip it in the drink too.

Specs-wise, the camera is a step down from the standard S4 model, offering eight-megapixels instead of 13. 

But there’s still the same eyeball-stroking five-inch display, with a dual-core processor ensuring things tick along nicely. Oh, and it’ll be bright red too.

Why Samsung didn’t include these more rugged additions on the proper S4 is a mystery. 

The Sony Xperia Z’s waterproof stylings have made it a hit and surely Samsung could have saved themselves the hassle of releasing another smartphone.

With official confirmation from Samsung still not forthcoming, price and release date remain unclear. But expect the Galaxy S4 Active to be on shelves soon. Source: TechRadar

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