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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 beaten to number-one sales spot by iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4 beaten to number-one sales spot by iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4 beaten to number-one sales spot by iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn’t captured the smartphone nation’s imagination quite as much as expected, uSwitch Tech’s latest mobile tracker suggests, allowing the iPhone 5 to top the sales and searches chart for the third month running.

Samsung’s handset was released in an explosion of Apple-style PR hoopla back in March and went on sale in the UK in April. Industry forecasts suggest it’s on course to rack up 80 million lifetime sales - a record for a Samsung smartphone.

However, although the phone placed at number three on pre-order sales alone in the uSwitch Mobile Tracker, which measures live searches, pre-orders and sales on uSwitch and its network of partner sites, the Galaxy S4 has since appeared to stall.

More than a little disappointingly for the Korean gadget-maker, in May, the Galaxy S4 was stuck at position three in the chart, ceding the top spot to the iPhone 5.

More worrying, though, is that in at number two is the iPhone 4S – a smartphone that landed way back at the tail end of 2011. The superannuated iPhone 4 8GB model, meanwhile, occupies position five to make it almost a clean sweep of the top five for Apple.

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Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said: “While the Galaxy S4 has been an unmitigated success on a global scale, price drops and special offers barely a month after launch shows that the heavily-hyped device has needed a bit more oomph to make waves in the UK market.

“As interest from the hardcore tech fans has waned, Samsung really has had a fight on its hands to wrestle some of that broader consumer attention away from Apple – even with a feature-rich handset like the S4.”

Tempering the Galaxy S4’s weaker-than-expected showing, though, was the performance of Samsung’s older Galaxy-branded efforts which took four of the remaining places in the top ten.

The highest placed of these was the Galaxy S4 in at number five, with the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S2 occupying positions eight, nine and ten respectively.

Other handsets making an appearance was the current HTC flagship, the One, which nestles at six, while Sony’s waterproof wonder the Xperia Z shows its face at seven.

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