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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are ‘fine,’ claims CEO

Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are ‘fine,’ claims CEO

Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are ‘fine,’ claims CEO

Suggestions that the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t selling as well as expected have been rubbished by the phone-maker’s CEO.

Earlier this month, JP Morgan’s army of number-crunchers claimed that demand for the hugely hyped smartphone was “way below” its earlier estimates and cut their sales forecasts by a quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S4 black official (back front and side)

Today JK Shin of Samsung brushed off the bank’s downbeat assessment of consumer response to the Galaxy S4, sales of which he claims are more than holding up.

Shin said: "I can say sales of the Galaxy S4 smartphone are fine. It's been selling well.

"The report was based on its own analysis. Probably the bank may have corrected its previous bullish estimate about the S4 sales."

Clearly in combative mood, Samsung’s main mover also dismissed suggestions that the company would reach some kind of détente in its long-running patent dispute with Apple.

“Patent disputes against Apple will continue," Shin forecast.

His comments come after Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 raced to ten million sales within a month of release. The tech giant has previously forecast lifetime sales of over 100 million for its flagship smartphone.

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