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  5. Samsung Galaxy Gear ‘confirmed for IFA’

Samsung Galaxy Gear ‘confirmed for IFA’

Samsung Galaxy Gear ‘confirmed for IFA’

Samsung will definitely showcase its first-ever smartwatch at the IFA tech trade show next month, one of the best connected Samsung fansites reports.

Sam Mobile doesn’t name a source or give any indication of the provenance of the news, but claims that it can categorically “confirm that Samsung will indeed unveil the Galaxy Gear smartwatch on the same day it takes the wraps off its third-generation Note”.

However, given the site’s record, we’re inclined to believe the story. Especially in the light of earlier reports pointing to a debut in the Berlin expo on September 4th.

Other than that putative release date being mooted for the Galaxy Gear and the fact that it won’t make or take calls, very little is known about what will be Samsung’s debut in the world of wearable technology.

samsung galaxy gear smartwatch patent

That said, speculation indicates it could also pack a flexible screen, run a stripped down version of Android and allow users to access their phone’s key functions remotely.

Leaked patents, which were the basis for the mock-up above, also suggest it will feature ‘back’ and ‘home’ buttons in the clasp.


Sam Mobile

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