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Samsung Galaxy Gear: Five key rumours you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Five key rumours you need to know

Samsung’s iWatch-bashing Galaxy Gear is all set to officially break cover in the next few weeks.

But like all good top-end mobile kit, Sammy’s new slice of wearable tech has been the subject of a slew of rumours.

From colour schemes to flexible screens, there’s a heap of gossip about the futuristic timepiece. Here’s our pick of the five key rumours you need to know.

1 It’ll be revealed on September 4th

samsung galaxy note 3 invite

Samsung is holding its much-anticipated Unpacked event on September 4th in Berlin, ahead of the annual IFA gadget show in the German capital.

The Galaxy Gear is expected to be the headline-grabbing device at the event, gazumping the new Galaxy Note 3, which will also be unveiled at the same time.

A release date is expected at the end of September or beginning of October.

2 It’s got a flexible display

samsung galaxy gear concept black

Samsung’s been touting impressive flexible displays for ages now, showing off its wares to tech hacks at trade shows whenever it’s had the chance.

The Galaxy Gear will be the first product to cram in the tech, with a 2.5-inch display for showing phone alerts and in-built app details.

3 It’s fitness focused

s fitness app

Apple has been hiring staff from across the fitness industry to work on its iWatch, which isn’t expected to land until late 2014.

However, Samsung is also expected to make its smartwatch every bit as exercise-conscious, with a leaked spec sheet suggesting the Galaxy Gear will be pre-loaded with Sammy’s specially designed fitness app.

Like Nike’s Fuelband, it is said to count steps and track pace and distance, giving give fitness accessory makers plenty to ponder.

4 NFC and eye-tracking are on board

nfc logo

NFC has yet to make a real mark on the mainstream, but word is that Samsung is pressing on regardless.

The inclusion of the touch tech will allow transfer of content from device to watch, while also facilitating contactless payments.

Eye-tracking, one of the Galaxy S4’s more gimmicky functions, is also said to be on board.

That will apparently allow users to fire up the device when they look at it.

5 It’ll come in heaps of colours

samsung galaxy gear colours mock up

Samsung obviously wants to make sure the Galaxy Gear appeals to as many people as possible.

That means going for as many different colour options as possible, including white, orange, grey and black.

A gold version is also expected. Expect to see these colourful devices splayed over advertising hoardings and on TV in the run up to Christmas.

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